The Whale - Storytelling street theatre inside a 50ft sperm whale

The Whale

Pirate’s Misadventure

Cast off your shoes and squeeze into The Whale. It has the true-to-life 50ft (18m) dimensions of an actual Sperm Whale but is inflatable. Enclosed in a lobster-net fence and guarded by a nosy Fish Wife, brave swashbucklers are lead into its belly, revealing a lavishly decorated seascape interior. Once inside they encounter a shipwrecked Pirate with a treasure tale to tell and a real live Mermaid with a haunting siren’s song and an intriguing secret.


The Mariner’s Museum (Animated Installation)

Inside The Whale, to the sounds of crashing waves, an ancient Sea Salt leads visitors around a living museum of deep sea wonders. Curiosities include mermaids’ purses; an arm wrestling octopus; a skeleton with xylophone ribs and bewildering flotsam and jetsam. The audience will be invited to touch and taste some of the exhibits.

Technical details

The Whale runs on an hour on/hour off basis, 2 x 30 minute shows are performed during the hour on
Maximum 6 x 30 minute shows per day – max. number of people inside per show: 45
Set up time 3 hours, locate away from loud noise as shows are verbal.
For events starting prior to midday and more than 50 miles from London accommodation is required.
Booker to supply 1 x 13 amp main power point OR a 4KVa generator (or larger) plus fuel.
Vehicle access and parking required.
For hard standing booker to supply 20 x 25 kilo stage weights or sandbags + approx 30 barriers 
On grass they can stake and fence the Whale themselves.