The Crow House - Street Theatre show

The Crow House

A derelict building appears in the middle of the street. The windows are shattered and a keep out sign bars the front door. A furious bird has taken up residency in the chimney and squawks when anyone approaches The Crow House.

One by one three very different characters approach and attempt to take over the house. A battle of wills and skills ensues as each person tries to gain a room inside. Little by little in a choreographed expansion of acrobatics, silks, hat juggling and slap stick they begin to accept each other and work to create a home together. The only remaining problem… the furious bird in the chimney.

Technical details

2 x 50 minute static shows per day – event dependent
Onsite vehicle access and parking for 1 transit sized van needs to be provided
This act dislikes stairs
Clean, secure & private changing space required close to performance area.