Professor Patel presents his Bollywood Punjeet & Judygee Show

Professor Patel

Professor Patel presents his Bollywood Punjeet & Judygee Show.

It’s over three and half centuries since Samuel Pepys’ first mention of a Punch & Judy puppet show in Covent Garden. Now multiculturalism has spawned a re-imagining of the great British Punch and Judy tradition.

Leaving a dusty field in Mother India, the story follows the travails of Punjeet as he leaves for the UK  “where the streets are paved with gold”. He meets and marries Judy-gee…this is the age old story of arranged marriages, domestic violence and infanticide…’s a family show! The Bollywood Punjeet & Judygee Show is a charming variation on the traditional themes of Punch & Judy, with lots of audience interaction, topical satire, celebrity guests and of course Bollywood music and dancing!

Professor Patel also offers a traditional Punch & Judy show.

Technical details

3 x 30 minute shows per day
Both the Bollywood and Traditional shows are completely self contained.
A 240v power supply is desirable but not essential.
Booth: 2 metres height x 2 metres width x 2 metres.
If performing to more than 100 people an additional PA is required at £150 or client can supply.