Nutkins - Comical squirrel walkabout characters


Nutkins love meeting new people and are always eager to forage for snacks and have a cheeky rifle through bags and baggage. Their excitement is catching and their fluffy squirrel charm is irresistible. Eccentric and adorably cuddly, these two endangered red squirrels are the perfect guests for your gathering. They don’t talk but express themselves through movement. Amplified music (that’s not hugely loud) can be played from their bag if required.

Nutkins are also available as a Christmas act, see gallery below to view festive costume.

Technical details

2 x 45 minute or 3 x 30 minute sessions – additional session available at extra cost
Free parking required.
Clean, secure and private changing area close to the performance space.
In large crowds or in dark conditions this act will require a steward.

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