Meet the Dinosaur - Informative natural history show with Tiny the Dinosaur

Meet the Dinosaur

Come and Meet the Dinosaur – Tiny, a 125 million year old dinosaur brought to life by the wonders of modern science. You can pet her, you can feed her, you can talk to her in dinosaur language; just make sure you avoid the dreaded Thagomizer or you might end up extinct yourself!
Tiny is accompanied by a palaeontologist who presents a lively and informative natural history show in which audiences are encouraged to share their knowledge of dinosaurs and to come
up with some scientific theories of their own – comparative anatomy has never been so much fun.
This is an amazing opportunity to get up close & personal with a ‘real live’ dinosaur for the first time since the Cretaceous Era and to find out a few things about how they lived and why they disappeared.
For example, dinosaurs aren’t quite as extinct as you might think; if you look out of your window you might see one right now!

Technical details

3 x 25 minute or 2 x 30 minute performances per day with a minimum break of 30 minutes between sets.
Minimum performance area 5.5m x 5.5m
Performance space must be firm, dry, level and clear.
Parking provided for long wheel base van, 2.6m high
Requires a 13 amp, 240v power supply; either a domestic 3 pin source or a c-form.
Changing must be minimum 3m x 4.5m x 2.16m high and within a few paces of the performance area
Steward required to look after the performance area between sets.
Important: Full tech spec available, please read a copy before booking