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The Living Statue Company

The Living Statue Company do much more than stand still. Their visually stunning human statues mix quirky mime performance with hyper-realistic costumes. Having learned their craft at London’s Covent Garden, they are experts at drawing large crowds and keeping them entertained.

They have a full range of characters covering every theme, from bronze camera men that take your picture to classical statues that take your hat and coat. They are also very happy to create brand new character to fit your event. Choose from golfer, Sherlock Holmes, Butler, Maid, Angel, Tennis Player, Toy Soldier, Queen Victoria, Footballers, Jazz man, Reporter, Equestrian and many more.

Technical Details

The statues can perform Stands for a maximum of 2 hours.
Over an entire day they can perform a maximum of 5 x 45 minutes sets or equivalent
Clean, secure and private changing space required with access to running water
Free parking required outside London