Hoop La La LED - LED lit hula hoop trio performance

Hoop La La LED

Presenting their programmable LED performance Hoop La La LED, Guinness world record breaking Hoop La La, are dedicated to producing high quality hula-hoop performance.

They have appeared on national TV to over 12 million viewers, and performed all over the world – at the opening of Formula One in Bahrain, to royalty, and at top fashion shows.
Their shows are a fusion of comedy, dance, acrobatics and hula-hooping, guaranteed to lift any audience.

Technical details

1 to 3 sets per event. 6 minute act
Stage size 4M X 5M, 4M height minimum, must be empty/dry.
blackout with ambient lights from guest tables or a very low blue or red wash.
P.A. System required for CD or MP3
Free of charge parking
A clean, secure and private changing area