Cirque Shows - Large Scale Circus Shows

Cirque Shows


If you’re looking for a big spectacle with a real punch then Cirque Shows experts can design and produce a fully customised and integrated show according to your vision. They have directors and choreographers to bring it altogether and create the wow factor you’re looking for.
Choose the elements you would like to feature – Acrobats, rhythmic gymnasts, aerialists, UV jugglers, cyr wheel, winged ballerinas, free-runners, wall walkers, aerialists flying up in the air on winching systems. If the sky’s the limit, they can produce unique equipment just for you.
Show lengths vary from 5 – 45 minutes in length depending on your needs.

Get in touch to discuss how we can make a designer show just for you.

Technical details

Act duration: 5 to 45 minutes
Free parking required
Clean, secure and private changing space required close to performance area.
More detailed ‘tech spec’ on request.

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