Zoom - LED costumed hoverboard act


Man hoverboard

Pixel Video Suits® are the only LED dance suits that display moving graphics and in Zoom performers alternate elegant dance with slick choreographed sequences while mounted on LED hoverboards.

You might recognise Zoom from its high impact television debut on Channel 5’s The Gadget Show in 2016. Watch the video here.

Technical details

Act duration: 5 minutes
Performers: 4 (other options available)
Minimum performance area: 8m x 5m with 2.5m height clearance
Your logo can be programmed into the Pixel Video Suits® for a reveal in the shows finale.
PA system suitable for audience size to be provided by the client/venue.
A 240v plug socket needs to be provided by the client/venue.
Free parking may be required
Clean, secure and private changing space required close to performance area.

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