The Umpires Strike Back - Comical cricket themed walkabout characters

The Umpires Strike Back

Get ready to stand by for a “Leg-bye,” shout more for “four” as The Umpires Strike Back lay down the cricketing law on the wicket/streets of Britain.

Two of England’s finest umpires provide a humorous/visual photo opportunity for spectators. They encourage members of the crowd to dress up in cricket gear and if appropriate, persuade them to join in a cricket themed dance incorporating lots of umpire moves (leg bye etc). They talk about their favourite cricket teas, juggle cricket balls and generally have a good old cricket banter. See them autograph hunting with the crowd, finding famous cricketing look-a-likes and getting them to sign a bat. Want tips about surviving a cricket match in the rain? The Umpires Strike Back are from the North and have the answers!
Ideally placed to create a fun atmosphere and tap into the crowd’s cricketing psyche.

Technical details

Walkabout: 3 x 40 min OR 4 x 30 min sets per day
Also available as a crowd entertainment at cricket events
Free parking required
Clean, secure and private changing space required.