Top Hat & Hoops - Slick hula hoop cabaret show

Top Hat & Hoops

Top Hat & Hoops is a solo hula hoops act inspired by icons Fred Astaire, Michael Jackson and Eleanor Powell. The extremely skillful Jessie starts with a single hula hoop and dances her way up to an incredible thirty. This slick performance is a perfect marriage of classic old school glamour and modern cabaret. This act is performed to custom made music.
Available as both a cabaret act and a walkabout.

Technical Details

Duration: Cabaret act 6 minutes, walkabout 3 x 20 minute sessions – event dependent.
Minimum space requirement: 3m x 3m and 3m minimum height.
Free parking required.
Clean, secure and private changing and warm-up area
This act requires a P.A. System

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