Time Travelling Victorians - Comedy glide-about time travellers

Time Travelling Victorians

Behold the Time Machine; an incredible piece of eccentric engineering. Let our two intrepid Time Travelling Victorians – Professor Warp and Miss Weft, show you their box of cosmic secrets.

Originally from 1888 they will be astounded to hear about the latest inventions of today and have much information to impart. Hear the sound of the universe, learn how long a piece of cosmic string is and even what the winning lottery numbers are going to be!*

* Numbers may not be correct for this universe, or even this country. Arnold from Ealing won a tenner once, but it was a Lotto in France and he spent more than that on the ferry homeā€¦

Technical details
3 x 30 minute sets per day – event dependent.
Parking required, preferably close to performance area for a Van (6.4m long, 2.5m wide, 2.4m high).
The Machine is 2m long, 1.14m wide & 1.8m high with props and a sound system for the act.
The Machine is self-contained for power.
The Machine is based on a mobility scooter, fine for concrete & grass but not steps or steep inclines.
They will require somewhere to store The Machine between sets.
Clean, secure and private changing space required.