The Temperance Society - Victorian values aplenty

The Temperance Society

Is your deportment dreadful? Has your etiquette evaporated? Are your morals meagre or missing? Then never fear, the Temperance Society are here to help you mend your ways. They’re frightfully proper, sombre and stern, with terribly stiff upper lips. They’ll dust down your decorum, straighten your backbone, and sort out your p’s from your q’s!

The premise of The Temperance Society act is restraint from fun & frivolity, and a return to Victorian values & decorum – all done with tongue firmly wedged in cheek. The characters are passionate campaigners bestowing the fruits of temperance & moderate behaviour on all and sundry. They have pledges to be signed, tracts to be read, advice on etiquette and deportment, and apparatus to ascertain the extent of ones moral turpitude. The Sisters of Sobriety join forces with their cravat wearing colleagues to create a walkabout act of between one and five persons. 

Technical details

Available as a 1 to 5 person walkabout but minimum 2 persons recommended.
3 x 30 minutes, event dependent. Additional sets can be discussed.
Parking may be required.
Clean, secure and private changing space required.