The Seal - Comedy walkabout

The Seal

A two metre long, female juvenile grey seal, flaps her way through the crowds slapping her fins on the ground and nuzzling up to people and dogs as if they are part of a large seal colony. The seal can move surprisingly fast considering the blubber and emits excited snorts and seal spits of salt water. People love her…..dogs are very unsure.

The seal is accompanied by Marina Mudflat the marine biologist whose book “Ameobic Plankton of The Hebridean Straites” you must have read!

The Seal can also be accompanied by a mythological story teller telling the ancient tale of Seal Maiden folk law or by a circus seal trainer with balancing ball and fish.

The Seal is driven by a disability mobility engine hidden beneath the blubber.

Technical details

3 x 30 min sets per day
Free parking required
This act dislikes stairs
Clean, secure & private changing space required close to performance area.