The Pram - Victorian Nursie and her charming puppet twins

The Pram

The Pram, endearingly old fashioned and flung out of time, Victorian Nursie proudly presents her curiously charming puppet twins. Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee enchant on the mini stage created by their authentic Victorian pram. These cheekiest of puppets miraculously come to life to delight audiences whilst inviting them into their nostalgic world.
A puppeteer is expertly concealed within the pram’s wheel base and provides fully animated and interactive baby banter. Upon request this act can be tailored to suit adult only audiences.

 Technical details

2 x 45 minute or 3 x 30 minute sessions – additional session available at extra cost.
Free parking required.
Clean, secure and private changing area close to the performance space.