Tanx - Radio controlled tank battle


Radio controlled tank battle

Tanx is a unique and exhilarating radio controlled tank battle, using infrared systems for tank to tank combat and games. Each tank is a highly detailed scale model of the WW2 Tiger tank, fitted with a computer controlled system, producing sound and visual effects. Even the firing of the main cannon produces a true to life flash and recoil.

No missiles are shot! The tank’s battle systems use infrared light to strike hits. If a tank suffers from incoming fire you will hear the incoming hit, and then feel it as your tank recoils from the strike. Suffer more hits and the engine will stutter and slow until you are eventually put out of action.

Tanx can be played individually or as team activity. The strength of each tank can also be programmed to create a range of exciting games and battle scenarios.
Tanx is ideal for corporate fun days, parties, activity days, team building and much more.

Technical details

Allow up to 1.5 hours for set up
Free parking required
Space requirements: An 8 tank game requires 10m x 6m,a 6 tank game requires 9m x 6m
Tanx can run on most terrain indoor or out but is best suited to an indoor environment.
Tanx needs dry conditions. For outdoor events a covered shower proof area can be arranged on grass.