Statuesque - Beautiful living statues to suit many themes


Statuesque living statues are beautiful to look at and come to life in surprising and memorable ways. Statuesque has a wide range of characters available including classical Greek or Roman, mermaids, angels, cupids, gargoyles and mannequins and many more. Statues can also be tailor-made to fit a theme of your choice and are unbeatable for creating a buzz.

Statuesque has provided living statues for a diverse range of corporate clients, performed at Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle, and also appeared as a golden Greek statue in the Kaiser Chief’s “The Modern Way” video and on ITV’s “Loose Women”.

Technical details

Up to 1.5 hour drinks reception or maximum 3 x 45 minute sets for daytime events
Clean, secure and private changing space with access to running water
Access to a shower appreciated if possible
Parking required for events outside of London