Snow Queen's Ice Chariot - Acrobatic balance on a mobile platform

Snow Queen’s Ice Chariot

The Snow Queen’s Ice Chariot is propelled through the icy blizzards which she scatters around her. Two ice elves on the front platform perform an arctic acrobatic balance act with breathtaking contortions and extraordinary counter-balances. The act takes place on a tricycle platform with an on-board sound system providing seasonal music.

Technical details

Up to 3 x 30 minute sets – event dependent.
Set up time: 1.5 hours before first performance.
Measurements: 2.4m in length x 1.2m in width.
Fine on all surfaces but ground must be level.
Unable to perform outdoors in extreme wet weather.
On-site vehicle access and parking for 1 x Ford Transit van.
A steward is required during performances.
Clean, secure and private changing area with access to a sink and mirror.