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Acro-Chaps photo Acro-Chaps

Hailing from the golden age of music hall we are indeed proud to present the strongmen. Marvel at their astounding feats of strength and skill.

  Acrobatic Troupe

Daring, high-balances combine with fast & exciting tumbles for the ultimate acrobatic show.

Acrobatic Troupe photo
Adagio Statues  photo Adagio Statues

Two marble statuesque figures set on a classical white podium, that very slowly come to life.

  Black Eagles

Acrobatic and African dance show for street or stage.

Black Eagles photo
Bongo Bolero photo Bongo Bolero

A comedy cabaret routine involving small hair attachments and very big egos!

  Con Brio

An upbeat fusion of explosive acrobatics, stunning hand balances and beautiful flexibility

Con Brio photo
Crystalline photo Crystalline

Unique and beautiful handstand acrobatic act


Beautiful acrobatic statues for ambient entertainment

Dare photo
Enchanted Globe photo Enchanted Globe

As if in a dream these acrobats perform a mesmerising routine completely encased in a giant inflatable snowglobe.

  Fantasy Flare

Not just acrobatics... not just fire but an awesome display of incredible acrobatic feats choreographed in & around spinning wheels of fire.

Fantasy Flare photo
Fulcrum photo Fulcrum

A visual spectacle of acrobatic strength, balance and grace.

  In The Balance

Stunning ballet lifts are inter-woven with powerful acrobatic tumbles, somersaults & dance.

In The Balance photo
Octopus Ocean photo Octopus Ocean

Perching high on a tricycle, the giant Octopus propels a rocky outcrop on which two deep sea fish perform a series of “aquabatic” contortions.