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Big Cat Walk photo Big Cat Walk

Model Alex teams up with experienced body painters to add a real 'MEOW' factor to your event.


4-legged, animatronic, film-quality mythical beasts.

Creatures photo
Dragons Quest photo Dragons Quest

A once in a life time chance for an extraordinary encounter with a Goblin Queen and her huge and ancient Dragon!

  Electroglide Angels

Ethereal winged angels hover above the ground.

Electroglide Angels photo
Epico the Dragon photo Epico the Dragon

A colourful and spectacular animatronic dragon and Aurelius Jones his treasure hunting and adventure seeking companion.

  Fairly Fresh Fish Co.

Not quite, a traditional seafood stall.

Fairly Fresh Fish Co. photo
Family Tree photo Family Tree

This gentle walkabout is perfect for natural themes or outdoor events.

  Felix and Felix

Victorian themed twins, with Penny Farthing stunt riding, juggling, object manipulation and much more.

Felix and Felix photo
Flying Buttresses photo Flying Buttresses

With performances that are beautiful and funny, they capture the hearts of audiences everywhere with stunning special effects and believable characterisations.

  Flying Carpets

From across the desert sands come legendary storytellers Ruby Murray and Baba Ganush on their magical flying carpets.

Flying Carpets photo
Gargoyles photo Gargoyles

Two loveable and roguish stone characters that are ideal as stationary or walkabout illusion.


Part the mists of time, the Goblins have arrived! Introducing Oddness and Grotsick, on their quest to find a new Princess for their Kingdom.

Goblins photo
Gorillas photo Gorillas

A family of up to four amazingly realistic mountain gorillas, accompanied by an intrepid explorer.

  Granny Turismo

Britainís only formation shopping trolley team!

Granny Turismo photo
Hairy Chairs photo Hairy Chairs

Two giant walking armchairs complete with big slippers convey their young charges around your event.

  Head In The Sand Inc.

Stilt walking Ostriches with attitude - and altitude! These feathered phenomena are guaranteed to make heads turn.

Head In The Sand Inc. photo
Humanimal photo Humanimal

The best way to entertain your guests if you look to bring the 'wild' dimension to your event!

  Juicy Titbits

Comic walkabout with two 50's style housewives leaning over their portable garden walls. Vi and Vi will fill you in on all the latest gossip.

Juicy Titbits photo
L.E.D's photo L.E.D's

A walking, dancing human mirror ball covered in thousands of mirrored tiles lit by stiltwalking light sources.

  Leg Before Wicket

Two roving cricket commentators with one mission - to illuminate the mundane

Leg Before Wicket  photo
Man In A Box photo Man In A Box

The world's only living, fully interactive box. Walkabout characters don't get more head-turning than this.

  Musical Ruth

And the amazing magical mobile piano. Once witnessed, never forgotten.

Musical Ruth photo
Paparazzi photo Paparazzi

Capture magic moments from your event as roving paparazzi give guests the celebrity treatment


The Penguin Family has arrived.

Penguins photo
Polar Fantastic photo Polar Fantastic

Los Kaos present Bjorn the The Polar Bear, and his herder Ursula.

  Prince Amir & Nazreddin

Animatronic puppetry with Prince Amir the Meerkat atop his trusty companion, Nazreddin the wise old Camel.

Prince Amir & Nazreddin photo
Punt photo Punt

Two Oxbridge undergraduates descend from their ivory towers and are off for a relaxing punt.

  Rambling On

Innovative and unexpected puppetry, physical theatre and storytelling.

Rambling On photo
Royal Footmen photo Royal Footmen

Some of the most lavishly dressed costume characters in the UK.


Austere, dignified and very regal. These furtive characters are cheeky and flirtatious, with feathers at the ready.

Satyrs photo
Silver Speed Team photo Silver Speed Team

A group of visually stunning characters who utilise skates, a motorised scooter, bouncing stilts and peg stilts to create mayhem and excitement.


Marvel at the exotic beauty of this larger than life avian walkabout.

Squawk photo
Stegosaur photo Stegosaur
The amazing Stegosaur brings prehistory to life!
  Tea Ladies On Tour

The intrepid Mildred, Ethel and Flo combine performance and hospitality with their own inimitable brand of humour to suit any situation and serve the most entertaining cup of tea... ever !

Tea Ladies On Tour photo
The Nomads photo The Nomads

Animatronic puppetry based street theatre walkabout

  The Seal

A two metre long, female juvenile grey seal, flaps her way through the crowds slapping her fins on the ground and nuzzling up to people and dogs as if they are part of a large seal colony.

The Seal photo
Tritons photo Tritons

Gods and guardians of the deep, riding chariots made of shells and carried by wonderful water squirting dolphins.


The Hobby Horses are in the stable and ready to trot about in various guises at your event.

Trot-about-horses photo
Wardens photo Wardens

Immaculately turned out, they wear their uniforms with pride.


The Whizzers are a new species of small, speedy, imp. They can whizz around people at great speed or spin slowly and beautifully in their own style of choreographed ballet.

Whizzers photo
Wuthering Knights photo Wuthering Knights

Walkabout knights on horseback, ready to defend the honour of any passing damsel