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Big Rory & Ochie photo Big Rory & Ochie

The nine foot loveable rascal, Big Rory, out for a walk with Ochie, his wayward mongrel.

  Bow Street Plodders

It's 'evening all' at any time of the day for these old-time stiltwalking coppers, as Bow street's finest patrol their beat.

Bow Street Plodders photo
Calvos Dos photo Calvos Dos

Standing on stilts high above their audience, Calvos Dos are elegant creatures from a tranquil and mysterious world.


4-legged, animatronic, film-quality mythical beasts.

Creatures photo
Cricketers photo Cricketers

Bring a touch of England to your event with these stilt-walking giants of the cricketing world.

  Deep Sea Divers

Descend to the depths with two jovial stilt walking Deep Sea Divers.

Deep Sea Divers photo
Explorers photo Explorers

No getting lost in the long grass for these stilt walking characters. Why, Dr. Livingroom, I presume - and his trusty friend and companion Spamley.

  Frankie Frankenstein

An eye popping Monster with witty words and a wicked sense of humour.

Frankie Frankenstein photo
Glitter Girls photo Glitter Girls

Fabulous Ice Maidens and Showgirl stiltwalkers.

  Green Police

Bringing their own 'Special Branch' of justice to those who would place our planet in peril.

Green Police photo
Head In The Sand Inc. photo Head In The Sand Inc.

Stilt walking Ostriches with attitude - and altitude! These feathered phenomena are guaranteed to make heads turn.

  Jeeves & Mortimer

More wine, m'lud? Add a touch of class to any occasion by acquiring these stilt walking gentleman's gentlemen.

Jeeves & Mortimer photo
Long Leg of the Law photo Long Leg of the Law

Whether you need a bobby on the beat or a full squad standing up to nine feet tall in their regulation boots, these are the the boys (or girls) in blue for you!

  Meddling Pixies

Quirky, colourful, weird and wonderful interactive walkabout stilt characters.

Meddling Pixies photo
Professor Crump photo Professor Crump

Standing eight foot tall in his magnificent top hat the professor has appeared extensively both in England and abroad.


Amazing power stilts walkabout act. These furtive characters are cheeky and flirtatious, with feathers at the ready.

Satyrs photo
Sir Lupin of Pipwithers photo Sir Lupin of Pipwithers

A medieval stilt walker with a difference.


Skitzo the three headed alien on stilts has just landed on Earth. He loves to meet people, chat, sing or argue with himselves and any one else.

Skitzo photo
Surface Tension photo Surface Tension

Beautifully vibrant costumed stilt walkers suitable for any occasion.

  Top Bananas

A fabulous group of stilt-walking musicians playing a selection of Jazz, Funk, Disco and Ska classics.

Top Bananas photo
Truelee Peachi photo Truelee Peachi

Offering a wide range of stunning and stylish stilt costumes suitable for all occasions.

  Vertigo Stilts

Bringing flare, style and spirit to any occasion with bright quirky glamour and sensational costumed stilt walking entertainment!

Vertigo Stilts photo