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Adagio Statues photo Adagio Statues

Two marble statuesque figures set on a classical white podium, that very slowly come to life.


Beautifully costumed, masked statues.

Anonymous photo
Electric Cabaret photo Electric Cabaret

Less is definitely more as the mesmerizing stillness of the living statue melts into surreal comedy moments and high drama.


Two loveable and roguish stone characters that are ideal as stationary or walkabout illusion.

Gargoyles photo
Glitter Girls photo Glitter Girls

These beautiful column statues bring a stylish and original element to any occasion.

  Jack Frost

Jack Frost is an eye-catching fellow, frozen in ice. He thaws when audience members least expect it, revealing amazing contact juggling with clear crystal balls.

Jack Frost photo
Living Art photo Living Art

Inspired by Caravaggio's 'The Card Sharps', this is a near perfect recreation in living colour!

  Living Tables

Living Table statues make unique meet and greet centre pieces.

Living Tables photo
Mirror Man photo Mirror Man

over 6000 mirrors coat this unique living statue.

  Shop Dummies

Superb movement, visual comedy and classic jazz music from a minature body belt sound system.

Shop Dummies photo
Sisters In Stone photo Sisters In Stone

A pair of beautiful stilt living statues that are perfect to frame a door way or entrance at any event or function.


Graceful, stylish and eye-catching, human statues with a difference.

Statuesque photo
Still Living Statues photo Still Living Statues

Living masterpieces for all types of events.

  Suit of Armour Statues

Suit of Armour living statues are amazingly effective anywhere.

Suit of Armour Statues photo
The Living Statue Company photo The Living Statue Company

Hyper-realistic human statues that do more than just stand still.