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Alf photo Alf

Two juggling shows from the diminutive Alf - Small in stature, Big on comedy!

  Brett Sirrell

Bright & colourful entertainment, a juggler guaranteed to make you laugh!

Brett Sirrell photo
Calvos Dos photo Calvos Dos

Beautiful and bizarre, awesome-looking characters perform delightfully mesmerising and utterly astounding contact juggling.

  Club Class

A distinctive fusion of technical juggling prowess and comedic talent!

Club Class photo
Curious Eyebrows photo Curious Eyebrows

Gentlemen jugglers of distinction!

  Enchanted Summer

Captivating contact juggling walkabout act.

Enchanted Summer photo
Feeding The Fish photo Feeding The Fish

Breathtaking shows of choreographed colour - technical juggling, dance and object manipulation fused with cutting edge technology.

  Fluid Druid

Master of the entrancing new circus art form contact juggling; the manipulation of crystal balls.

Fluid Druid photo
John Caudrey photo John Caudrey

Juggling street shows and cabaret routines with balls, clubs, hats, diabolos, knives, fire and unicycles.

  Jon Udry

Presents four different routines for stage.

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Karine Friez photo Karine Friez

Using translucent spheres, Karine takes you to a realm of magic and beauty combining the technicality of contact juggling with her enchanting dance skills.

  Marky Jay

Gentleman juggler meets northern comic.

Marky Jay photo
Matt Hennem photo Matt Hennem

A (con)temporary (con)fusion of modern performance art, using juggling, manipulation, dance and magic.

  Matthew Tiffany

Unleash the child inside with juggling and silliness from Matthew Tiffany.

Matthew Tiffany photo
Phil Blackmore photo Phil Blackmore

Dangerously entertaining - and on the loose!

  Sam Veale

With an amazing range of skills, he manipulates anything from bow ties to sunglasses as well as traditional juggling props.

Sam Veale photo
Stewart Pemberton photo Stewart Pemberton

Juggling, Contact Juggling and Tap Dance.

  Tommy Baker

One of the most unusual and original sports entertainers you're ever likely to see!

Tommy Baker photo