Singing Waiters - Duos, trios and quartets

Singing Waiters

Singing waiters are a wonderful surprise for your guests – performers who infiltrate the waiting staff at your event with charm and the occasional bit of drama, then suddenly burst into song. These fabulous performers can appear with two, three or four singers and are happy to design the perfect programme based on your requests and preferences.

The two and three person options will require musical accompaniment but the four person option can perform completely a cappella (soprano, mezzo, tenor and bass). The four person act is particularly unique in that they perform with their own specially arranged four part arrangements of popular opera and musical theatre favourites. Unlike the other acts this one is not tied to recorded or piano accompaniment and is therefore extremely flexible, easily conforming to any event regardless of the physical and technical limitations of the venue.

Singers can also be disguised as chefs, security personnel, guests, party crashers…

Technical details

The initial ‘surprise’ set is 20 minutes, an additional 20 minute set is available at extra cost.
Two and three singer options can use recorded musical accompaniment or a pianist.
High quality p.a. system and operatic quality radio mics are included for parties of 80 guests or fewer.
For parties of 80 to 300 guests a larger p.a. system can be provided at extra cost.