Sid Bowfin Show - Manic idiot violinist

The Sid Bowfin Show

The Sid Bowfin Show is the classical musician the world’s been waiting for. Unpredictable, unhinged and unique, he’s on a mission to play his favourite music in the only way he knows. If that upsets his audience, they’d better not complain!

Sid tried to fit the classical mould but, like the audience, he found it difficult to sit still. His orchestral career was cut short and the Sid Bowfin Show was born. And what a show, full of the music you love and some you probably hate! Mozart, Vivaldi, Rossini, Pachelbel, Dexys Midnight Runners – Sid knew them all. Great music (played surprisingly well) and audience banter – he loves to get to know his audience, sometimes more intimately than is appropriate and seeks out fellow lovers of classical music to help him spread his joy. You have been warned.

Prepare for the musical treat of your classical life. Prepare for The Sid Bowfin Show!

Technical details

Up to 3 x 30 minutes show per day – event dependent.
Minimum performance area of 3m wide by 1.5m deep, ideally 5m wide by 2.5m deep
Sid can provide his own small PA system, but for larger shows a PA and tech should be provided
Parking may be need to be provided.