Roger Blighty and Betsy Blue

Roger Blighty & Betsy Blue

Roger Blighty and Betsy Blue, one man and a wonderfully detailed scale model of a biplane on an old faithful penny farthing bicycle.

She boasts a six foot wingspan, motorised propellers, and a loud on-board sound system that replicates all the sounds of a biplane including engine and flight noises, splutters and coughs and fly-bys. In addition to comedy sound effects the act includes traditional aeroplane orientated music such as Ride of the Valkyries, Those Magnificent Men, the Dambusters theme tune, 633 Squadron theme and many more, all the sounds can be triggered at the touch of a button whilst in ‘mid flight’. She is highly manoeuvrable and can negotiate virtually any terrain including crowded areas.

Roger also carries his crystal ball (he’s an expert contact juggler) and is able to perform mesmerising illusion based shows all set to music.

Technical details

Up to 3 x 45 minute sessions (or equivalent) – event dependent.
Free parking required
Clean, secure and private dressing room.
The Bi-plane has a six foot wingspan and will not fit through a standard door
It’s not practical to strike down and rebuild Betsy between sessions so safe storage will be required.