Mythical Creatures - Walkabout characters

Mythical Creatures

The Mythical Creatures are fantastical animals brought to life by a combination of puppetry and animatronics, with moving facial features (blinking eyes, wiggling ears and sniffing noses) and live sound effects. The creatures are four-legged and stand at between 8ft and 9ft high.
Extremely well animated and full of character they are playful and highly interactive; audiences can get up close and give them a pat, or even try teaching them some tricks. Each creature is accompanied by an elf herder who facilitates interaction and dispenses fairy lore.

Technical details

2 x 30 minute walkabout shows, travelling approx. 200m total from changing area and back again.
This act dislikes stairs
Free parking required.
Clean, secure and private changing area level with and close to performance area.