Mr Wippy and the Conettes

Mr Wippy & the Conettes

Mr Wippy and the Conettes is a piece of mobile, musical theatre based in an antique ice cream van. The styling is reminiscent of 1940’s American ‘Cheesecake’ art and the saucy seaside postcard art of pre-war Britain, tailored to suit family audiences. The theme of the show is ice cream and it is 15 minutes long. The characters: Mr. Wippy – the compère and crooner, Knickerbocker Glory (AKA Strawberry Sauce) the leading lady and The Conettes-the two backing singers, all sing and dance familiar Hollywood musical numbers with rewritten lyrics. Between shows the cast offer short dance workshops to members of the audience, all ages are welcome.

Technical details

3 x 15 minute shows and 2 x 20 minute workshops (for ages 7+) – event dependent
4 performers + one crew member
Hard and dry performance space required 16’ wide by 18’ deep flat, plus room for the audience, vehicle access for the ice cream van and parking for one other car.
13amp power supply for p.a. system but they can supply a generator on request.
Clean, secure and private changing area. Light lunch and soft drinks for 5 people