Man in a Box - Comedy walkabout character

Man in a Box

The world’s only living, fully interactive box. Walkabout characters don’t get more head-turning than Man in a Box.

Curiosity is aroused by the arrival of two characters with a box. Despite his size, one manages to climb in and shut the lid. Suddenly the box leaps into life, grows legs and totters off, creating an astounding illusion. Carefully guided by his comical companion, meeting and greeting is a speciality along with playing footsie and dancing with surprised onlookers. Given half a chance they’ll have you playing football on the street.

The box can be branded and also comes as a wrapped present for Christmas events.

Technical details

Up to 3 x 30 minute with a minimum break of 30 minutes between sets
The box can only cover short distances and is not suitable for parades
Vehicle access to venue and/or parking close to the performance area
Please provide free parking or reimburse fees
Clean, secure and private changing space
It is possible to brand the box with printed vinyl artwork