La Luna - Beautiful aerial type performance on a free standing rig

La Luna

La Luna is an innovative and beautiful concept in freestanding aerial performance. This dynamic act combines the grace and fluidity of classical ballet, with the power and strength of aerial hoop. La Luna offer choreographed shows as well as ambient freestyle performances.

This unique act has broken boundaries, bringing beautiful aerial performances to venues, audiences and events across the UK and Europe previously inaccessible to the aerial arts. It’s creative freestanding design means that La Luna can be performed anywhere without the need for potentially complex rigging issues.

The structure has a diameter of only 2 metres, and height options of either 3 or 4 metres, making it extremely versatile. Suitable for all venues, without taking out large areas of floor-space. Quick and simple to set up and take down and movable during an event. The hoop spins and needs no additional support.

Available with costumes and routines to fit various themes including: 1920’s, Christmas, Fairground etc. Please click on the images below:

Technical details

Act duration: 5-6 minutes
Also available, meet and greet/ambient sets: duration 10 – 15 minutes
Up to 3 sets may be offered per event depending on timings (either act or ambient but not a mixture)
Free parking required
Clean, secure and private changing and warm-up space required close to performance area.
More detailed ‘tech spec’ on request