La Luna Christmas - Christmas themed free standing aerial hoop act

La Luna Christmas

La Luna Christmas celebrates the festive spirit with this magical creation. A real Christmas Faerie sits on the tree, wearing a twinkling, colour changing dress programmed with hundreds of LED’s. The tree and Faerie gently spin while bestowing Christmas wishes.
This is a two person act with a ground based elf to run the decorated postbox for Christmas wishes.
A memorable and magical interactive act.

Technical details

Two person act with a ground based Elf and a La Luna aerialist.
The Elf appears for up to 3 x 30 minutes with pens and papers for Christmas wishes.
The Christmas Faerie appears for 15 minutes during each 30m Elf set
Free parking required
Clean, secure and private changing and warm-up space required close to performance area.
More detailed ‘tech spec’ on request