Kaleidoscope - LED poi and laser performance


Virtuoso visuals

Visually outstanding, Kaleidoscope combines laser manipulation, tightly choreographed dance and Pixel-Poi® graphics, performed by 3 or more dancers to a movingly upbeat classical-fusion soundtrack.

Your logo, message or branding can be programmed to appear magically mid-air during the finale of the Glow Show to create an unforgettable audience experience.

Technical details

Act duration: 8 minutes
Performers: 3 (other options available)
Minimum performance area: 7m x 5m with 3m height clearance
Your logo can be programmed into the Pixel-Poi® for a reveal in the shows finale.
PA system suitable for audience size to be provided by the client/venue.
A sturdy table and a 240v plug socket needs to be provided by the client/venue.
Free parking may be required
Clean, secure and private changing space required close to performance area.