Inflate-a-Belles Balloon Couture

Inflate-a-Belles – Balloon Couture

Inflate-a-Belles Balloon Couture would like to welcome you to the wonderful world of wearable Balloon Fashion…

The Inflate-a-Belles have worked alongside some of the top fashionistas and photographers, creating irresistible, inflatable Couture. These exquisite tailor-made creations range from the totally flamboyant and extravagant, to the most detailed and delicate designs. Most notably they have worked with two bright stars of the fashion world, creating balloon couture for Billie Jacobina’s latest collection at London Fashion week and Dr. Manrutt Wongkaew – Doctor of Fashion.

Add the Inflate-a-Belles unique, dramatic and eye catching va-va-voom to your fashion shoot or watch the creation process as an installation at your party or special event.

Technical details

The varied and detailed nature of this kind of balloon work means that technical details are established on an event by event basis. Please submit an initial brief for more information…

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