Flux - LED glow juggling show


The light fantastic

Flux is a breathtaking spectacle of choreographed colour, fusing highly technical juggling and dance with cutting edge light technology.
Beautiful patterns of light and colour are traced through the air as Pixel-Poi® light batons, lazer light-wands and clubs change with perfect synchronisation to a high energy soundtrack. The props are programmed precisely to create a seamless visual interplay with both the music and the movements of highly accomplished jugglers.
This unique show has been performed in over 30 countries.

Flux made its most recent television appearance on BBC1’s 2015 The Apprentice final.

Technical details:

Act duration: 8 minutes
Performers: 2 (other options available)
Minimum performance area: 6m x 4m with 4m height clearance
Your logo can be programmed into the Pixel-Poi® for a reveal in the show’s finale.
PA system suitable for audience size to be provided by the client/venue.
A sturdy table and a 240v plug socket needs to be provided by the client/venue.
Free parking may be required
Clean, secure and private changing space required close to performance area.

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