Elvish Pressies

Elvish Pressies

Blue Christmas without them

Christmas really starts to rock when the Elvish Pressies roll into town.

These pointy eared leaders of the pack are the ‘Kings’ of mix and mingle, combing their quiffs and showing off their Elvish moves while festive 1950’s tunes play on the car radios of battery powered Hot Rods.

The Elvish Pressies want to know what’s on the Christmas wish list and where the party’s at, whilst offering advice on how to stay the right side of naughty.

Technical details

3 x 30 min or 2 x 45 min sets per day
Free parking required
This act dislikes stairs
Clean, secure & private changing space required close to performance area
Access to 1 x 13amp plug socket to charge the cars between sets.