Elves and the Goodometer - Behaviour monitoring

Elves and the Goodometer

With the enormous increase in the number of children in the world today, Santa has become too busy to check the list. To sort out this problem he has asked the Elves and the Goodometer behaviour monitoring machine to check as many children as possible before the big day.

Using the latest in Elf technology, the Goodometer is simple enough for even humans to use. Just place your hand on the front plate and the machine will detect your behaviour category – good, borderline or naughty! Excellent festive interaction and improvisation.

Technical details

3 x 30 min or 2 x 45 min sets per day – event dependent
Free parking required
This act dislikes stairs
Clean, secure & private changing space required close to performance area
Access to 1 x 13amp plug socket to charge the Goodometer between sets.