Elena Esau - Caricaturist

Elena Esau

After studying privately with a respected artist from the age of twelve to sixteen, Elena Esau initially specialised in fine art commissions and illustrations before later finding her forte as a cartoonist and caricaturist. She is also in demand for her studio work and regularly undertakes commissioned cartoons and caricatures.This proves particularly popular for wedding invitations, birthdays and retirements.

Elena’s caricatures and cartoons are an effective and fun way of advertising in the corporate sector. She draws group montages of staff members or a particular person (such as the founder or managing director) in a themed setting that reflects the type of business or product being promoted.

She can also prepare paper with pre-drawn themed bodies and the company’s contact details for live events. This is a big crowd puller at the trade shows especially and ensures that potential clients visiting a stand will keep the caricature with all of the company’s publicity on it as a souvenir.