Carousel - Aerial acrobatics on a free-standing rig


In a spin

In Carousel, two multi-skilled artistes perform amazing acrobatics and aerial artistry on a rotating free-standing rig.
This is a unique revolving aerial installation and it’s completely self-contained, so there is no need for rigging points in the ceiling.

The take down is smooth and fast, approximately 5-6 minutes in total so you can have your dance floor back in no time at all.

Choose from the following themes:
• The Ice Garden
• Summer Garden
• Corporate White

Choose from the following acts:

• The acrobatic and aerial duet
• Aerial silks solo
• Aerial hoop solo or duet

The acrobats can perform a combination of these skills at your event. For ambient sets why not have 1 set of acrobatics, 1 set of aerial silks and another of aerial hoop?

Technical details:

Act duration: 6 minutes
Also available, meet and greet/ambient sets: duration 15 – 20 minutes
Up to 3 sets (act or ambient per event)
Free parking required
Clean, secure and private changing and warm-up space required close to performance area.
More detailed ‘tech spec’ on request

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