Carol Singers - A Capella Trios, Quartets and larger ensembles

Carol Singers

Our stunning A Capella carol singers bring “Joy to the World” and a festive atmosphere “Decking the Halls”, and “Wishing you a Merry Christmas!”. The mobility and flexibility of a quartet allows them to greet guests as they enter, roam amongst them with a song while they eat and mingle or sing by the Christmas tree enchanting guests as they come and go.

Our professional a cappella singers provide excellent entertainment value and have a vast repertoire of traditional and non-religious Christmas music, meaning they can tailor their programme seamlessly to your event.

Costume options:formal attire (DJs and evening dresses), smart festive (white collar shirt with colourful ties and dresses), festive jumpers and black trousers, overcoats with festive scarves and hats for outdoor performances or full Victorian/Dickensian costumes.

Technical details
3 x 30 minute sets in a 3 hour period – additional sets negotiable.
There is a small additional cost per singer for Victorian/Dickensian costume.
A quartet is the most musically balanced option but trios and larger groups are available.
Soft drinks to be provided and basic meals for events over 3 hours or with long travel times.
Clean, secure and private changing space/green room required.