Cannon Capers - Military themed comedy walkabout

Cannon Capers

Cannon Capers have a super-objective: To explore the new world and expand the empire! 

Major ‘Eddy’ Edward Edmund (expedition leader) and Lance Corporal Henry ‘stinker’ Hilary (4th in command) are available to plot, plan and prod your uncharted territory. These two ‘Victorian Gentlemen Explorers’ will explore your event – with cannon or without – and try to work out why they are so darn lost.

Dressed in tropical kit and pith helmets, covered in cobwebs, memories and pride they pioneer and perform to the populace whilst puffing on a pipe. 

Upper lips have never been stiffer!

Technical details

3 x 30 min sets per day – event dependant
Free parking may be required
Clean, secure & private changing space required close to performance area.

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