Bjorn The Polar Bear - Interactive and educational performance

Bjorn the Polar Bear

Bjorn the Polar Bear is a fully animated pod puppet. A highly skilled (and often very hot!) performer is inside operating all the movements, including facial animations, blinking eyes, sniffing nose, opening mouth and also the live sounds from custom built sound equipment.
Together with his Arctic conservationist companion, Bjorn is the centrepiece of an interactive performance which is a cross between a petting zoo and a nature documentary.
To help set the scene, the performance is held in specially built inflatable ice environment.
Bjorn donates a percentage of his fee from each performance to Greenpeace, who are fighting companies and governments trying to exploit the Arctic for its natural resources.

Technical Details

3 x 20m or 2 x 30m performances per day with a minimum breaks of 40m between sets
The Polar Bear performs in an oval area approx. 5m in diameter, some reduction in size is possible
Performance space must be firm, level and clear. No outdoor bookings in winter season.
Requires a 13 amp, 240v power supply; either a domestic 3 pin source or a c-form.
Changing must be minimum 3m x 3m and no further than 20m from the performance area
Steward required to look after the inflatable between sets.
Parking for long wheel base Van 2.6m high
Important: Full tech spec available, please request a copy before booking