Bicycle Bistro - Cafe Mayhem

Bicycle Bistro

Two eccentric moustachioed waiters arrive in style on their Bicycle Bistro. They lay the table, wind up the gramophone and unleash a choreographed 40 minutes of cafe mayhem. Vaudeville hat juggling, spinning plates, tea dancing, acrobatics, musical saw playing and a marvellous table cloth trick to delight an increasingly moustachioed audience. You may even get a cup of tea…

Technical details

2 x 40 minute static or walkabout shows, event dependent.
Set up time: 1.5 hours before first performance.
Measurements: 2.4m in length x 1.2m in width.
Fine on all surfaces but ground must be level.
Unable to perform outdoors in extreme wet weather.
On-site vehicle access and parking for 1 x Ford Transit van.
A steward may be required.
Clean, secure and private changing area.

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