Belladonna and her Venus Flytraps - Comedy gardening glide-about act

Belladonna and her Venus Flytraps

Meet Belladonna and her Venus Flytraps, be careful though or the beautiful (but deadly) gardener might make you a tasty morsel for her hungry plants.

Is your hand steady enough that you dare to feed the flytraps yourself? Will you help Aristotle the batty bluebottle escape from their deadly clutches? Don’t get sucked in by her charm as she entices the foolish fly towards his sweet, toothy decline.

Belladonna can also appear as a green-faced witch for Halloween bookings.

Technical details
3 x 30 minute sets per day – event dependent.
Parking required, preferably close to performance area for a Van (6.4m long, 2.5m wide, 2.5m high).
The Chariot is 1.2m long, 0.62m wide & 1.6m high and contains a sound system for the act.
The Chariot is self-contained for power.
The Chariot is based on a mobility scooter, fine for concrete & grass but not steps or steep inclines.
They will require somewhere to store The Chariot between sets.
Clean, secure and private changing space required.

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