Balloon Installations - Large balloon creations built during an event

Balloon Installations

Blown out of proportion?

Why not keep the crowd happy all day with one of our large balloon installations?

Larger Than Life staff our modelling teams from a pool of the U.K.’s best balloon artists. A number of themes are available and we are always happy to discuss bespoke requirements.

Large balloon model installations create a great buzz and run continually, evolving and changing throughout the course of the event. This encourages repeat visits and is an excellent focal point. When the installation is dismantled the individual models can be given to departing guests or even auctioned off for charity.

The balloon installations pictured in the gallery below use a 3m x 3m gazebo frame as a base. They were built by three balloon modellers over a five hour event but other options are available.

Technical details

Technical requirements will vary from event to event but we require a clear space and barriers.
We are happy to run and end of event balloon model auction on your behalf.
Parking required for up to three cars.