Angie Mack - UV Hula hoop routine

Angie Mack UV

In the Angie Mack UV show a mere doodle on paper comes to life. Join this animated stick girl as she hoops and jives across the stage to the fabulous Louis Prima track ‘I ain’t got Nobody’. Sometimes she really ain’t got no body! Revealing more and more hoops as she goes, stick figure girl deftly manipulates 1 through to 7 hoops on different parts of the body at the same time.

She will do the seemingly impossible by hooping a triangle and a square! It’s a visual feast of hooping tricks.

Technical details

6 minute cabaret performance.
Minimum staging area 3m x 2m.
Music provided on CD or MP3, audio output to be provided by client.
Client to provide power supply for 2 x UV strip lights.
Free parking required.
Clean, secure and private changing area with access to running water required.

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