Aerial Moon - Ethereal aerial performance in a spinning crescent moon

Aerial Moon

A beautifully ethereal aerial act, performed with grace and fluidity in a spinning crescent moon.
The Aerial Moon requires only a single rigging point. Although not essential, it works best with a winch or counterweight system which allows the artist to fly up and down during the act.

The Moon is also available with live musical accompaniment by the talented violinist, Aelfwyn. The combination of live violin with stunning aerial acrobatics elevates the performance to another level.

Technical details

Act duration: 5-6 minutes
Also available, meet and greet/ambient sets: duration 10 – 15 minutes
Up to 3 sets may be offered per event depending on timings (either act or ambient but not a mixture)
Free parking required
Clean, secure and private changing and warm-up space required close to performance area.
More detailed ‘tech spec’ on request

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