A Curious Wonderland - Alice in Wonderland themed performance

A Curious Wonderland

A Curious Wonderland turns the event area – whether a house, town, field, square, garden or a even a shopping centre – into ‘Wonderland’ by presenting scenes adapted from the book by Lewis Carroll.
The scenes are interactive, walkabout theatre that passers-by can be involved in, giving them the experience of being on their own adventure in Wonderland. There is also a high level of physical skill, strong costume and slapstick humour to keep people entertained. A very visual act suitable for all ages.
Scenes are selected from Alice Chasing the Rabbit, The Tea Party, The Caterpillar, The Cheshire Cat, The Pack of Cards and Croquet with the Queen.

Technical details

The standard package is five performers but scenes and number of performers can be adapted to suit.
3 x 30-45 minute sets with a minimum 40 minutes between each set – event dependent
Free parking may be required
Clean, secure and private changing space
Access to tea appreciated.

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